Nextcloud Office app & Collabora Code Docker image compatibility

Back in March I had a working setup of Nextcloud and Collabora working well but after some updates I’ve not been able to get things working again. I’m running Nextcloud 24.0.0 on a raspberry pi 4 (not a docker container) and Collabora Online Development Edition Code in a docker container on the same raspberry pi. I’m using the latest docker version. Individually all seems well, I can access the Collabora Admin Console via my browser and in Nextcloud I have put in the url for the Collabora Online Server and it states it is accessible. However when I try to create/open a document I just get the busy circle until the message Document loading failed is shown. I have disabled my firewall just in case but it makes no difference. When I view the collabora docker container logs I see some warnings like this:
WRN client - server version mismatch, disabling browser cache. Expected: 5e2e1b630| wsd/FileServer.cpp:510.

The Nextcloud Office App is version 6.0.0 and COOLWSD is version
and Collabora Office version is both as reported in the Admin console.

Can anyone confirm is these versions are compatible please and if not what versions should I be using?

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I don’t have an answer regarding this exact versions and RasPi, but from my experience Nextcloud and Collabora usually work well across multiple versions (despite there are breaking changes like when CODE switches from /lool to /cool). My NC and CODE runs well in a Docker setup using very similar versions (NC 24.0.3/CODE/22.05…).

you may find this posts and references Nextcloud forum topics helpful for troubleshooting: