Processing data in CODE Calc?

Hello ! (sorry, non-native english speaker here, don’t hesitate to ask me if something isn’t very clear !)
I created a form linked to a .ods file, and I’m trying to process the answers in a user-friendly way.

There is not a lot of very complicated formulas, i’m just pulling the content of some cells into others using INDEX() and EQUIV(), but i have some troubles : the tables don’t actualize themselves when new data is coming in. The only way I can make it work for now is by downloading the file, opening it locally with LibreOffice and reupload it once all cells are updated.

Do you have any ideas about that ?
Thank you ! :slight_smile:

Which version of Collabora Online do you use?

No solution, but maybe a better workaround, if it works: Does it help to click the “recompute” button in the “Data” notebook bar:



As a potential solution: Open the sheet with a desktop LibreOffice and check if “Autocalculation” is enabled:


I couldn’t find this setting in the CODE 6.4 online view.


We are using this version :

This button doesn’t exist in my version, I only have these little drop-downs menus with no “recompute” option : (
Finally, “autocalculation” is enabled when I open the document in LibreOffice, but it doesn’t seem to work in CODE…
What version do you use to get the recompute button ?

Looks as if your CODE is configured not to use the “Notebookbars”, but classical menus instead. Sorry, no idea where to find the recalculate button / function in this configuration. :frowning:

I’m using a similar but somewhat older release, CODE 6.4.0 from midth of Octobre.

Recalculation mostly works in this release, but depending on the sheet not reliably. (But desktop LibreOffice has the same problems with the affected tables / sheets.)

On the tab Data, fully left there is a Recalculate widget.

That’s the case if you use Notebookbars (see my screenshot above), which hewever @malorambo does not seem to do. (See his screenshot above.)

Or is there also a “Data tab” if Notebookbars are deactivated?

That’s the case if you use Notebookbars (see my screenshot above), which hewever @malorambo does not seem to do. (See his screenshot above.)

Sorry, I misread the question :confused:

Hmm. looks as if indeed Recalculate does not exist in the Classic toolbar.
Will report that.
Thanks for noticing… but sorry for the trouble at the moment, of course!

Issue and instructions on how to fix it added to GitHub #781. It should be fixed very soon : )

The F9 / Ctrl-Shift-F9 keyboard shortcuts can be used in the meantime to recalculate data.

Having a reproducible case of when dependent cells aren’t updated would be great, so it can be investigated.

Thanks for reporting @malorambo ! And thanks @GOhrner for testing it as well. I have good news :partying_face: the fix has just landed master and I’m now testing it on co-6-4 ; )