Can't connect after latest update

Hi, I’m receiving the error below whenever I try to open/edit office documents

net::canonicalHostName(CLIENT IP ADDRESS NOT SERVER) failed: Host not found: CLIENT IP ADDRESS NOT SERVER| wsd/ClientRequestDispatcher.cpp:470

My docker run command:

docker run -t -d -p \ -e ‘aliasgroup1=’ --restart always \ --cap-add MKNOD \ collabora/code

Nextcloud dashboard can connect and green light my collabora office server

Collabora Online server is reachable.

Collabora Online Development Edition 594b605

URL used by the browser:
Nextcloud URL used by Collabora: (Determined from the browser URL)

Hey @fuzunspm. Welcome to the forum + thanks for the question. :slight_smile:

Could we get some basic info too, like:

  • What Collabora version?
  • What OS + version?
  • What Nextcloud + richdocuments version?

How did you set this up? What instructions were you following? Was it working before, and broke recently?

Hmmm… Looking in that exact Github file + linenumber, there is this comment about the error:

  • // We can't find out the hostname, and it already failed the IP check

Hmmm, so something is definitely not communicating right in your Nextcloud<->Collabora.

Side Note: Did you also see the fantastic:

They have some debugging steps in there too, and from a quick scan, looks like a few things about “hostname” problems too.