CODE Admin Console in Kubernetes

Hello, I have a problem for some time on Kubernetes, I can no longer get the information on the admin console
Have you ever had this?

Any errors on the console? The frontend uses websocket to communicate with the backend:


Maybe some wrong configuration is blocking the websocket

After updating the Kubernetes cluster, everything is back to normal.
On the other hand, do you know if we can have a counter of all the documents open on all the Collabora pods/Kubernetes code?
Currently I only have the counter of a single pod when I enter the admin console.

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No, there is no implementation for such an aggregation. This is something that has to be handled at an extra-COOL level as two different COOL instances from two different pods have no knowledge one of another. However, you can use the /cool/getMetrics REST endpoint to get statistics in a simple Prometheus format for each pod and then use them in a script (or Prometheus application) to aggregate the values between multiple pods.


I’m looking for solution & best practice to use imagepullsecrets (as we store image in private jfrog repo) along with app secrets mount on deployment in EKS using aws secrets manager & CSI driver. The internal platform team recommendation is to use aws secrets manager via CSI driver for all secrets.