Disable Use Skia for all Renderings GPO

Hi everyone, I’m new to the forum, my name is Gianluca and I’m writing to you from Reggio Emilia (Italy).
We’ve been using LibreOffice on around 1400 users for years. I recently found and tested the GPO for client configuration and it works great for my needs. Unfortunately after the update to 7 there was a problem with the “Use Skia for all Renderings” setting which creates problems on Calc. I wanted to know if there is an updated version of the GPO that supports versions > of 7 in order to manage the Skia engine. < of 7 there was the openGL if I’m not mistaken and this setting is managed by the GPO. Thank you

Hi @Perry73 and Welcome to the forum!

It should be a relatively simple addition to the ADMX GPO template. Do you think you could do it, and send a PR?

Let’s leave the GH repo here:

The name of the setting can be found in the expert configuration, accessible via Tools → Options; LibreOffice (or Collabora Office) → Advanced → Open Expert Configuration.
There if you search for skia, you will find entries like UseSkia, ForceSkia and ForceSkiaRaster under org.openoffice.Office.Common\VCL, of which the first one seems to be relevant to you, but adding the remaining two would be nice, too.

For reference, here’s the commit that added the OpenGL settings:

(make sure supported_LibreOffice_X_Y has the correct version, 7 0 in this case)

Thanx Bearon for the fastest reply.
I have never changed a policy, I try. I keep you informed. Thank you

Can you give more details on what goes wrong with Skia so we can fix that - that would be the strong preference =) Can you file that here or at TDF and CC me ?