Editing coolwsd.xml file on Unraid

I am working on setting up a Nextcloud instance on my Unraid server at home to try to get something similar to what Office and Google Offer, but after I have nextcloud pointed the URL setup in a reverse proxy it give me the error show in the image below.

After doing some initial searches I realized I need to modify the coolwsd.xml file, but my issue is I am unable to access that file to be able to modify it. I have been able to find it in the console of the docker container, but I have been unable to modify that file.

Any help or guidance would be appreciated. I did install it via the Community applications option in Unraid. I am not sure if that is what is part of my issue.

Hey @tcochran,

Welcome to the forum + thanks for the question. :slight_smile:

Did the “How to Configure the Docker Image” + “Use the configuration file directly” instructions here help?

Those did not help. I am unable to copy if out of that location to another location. Since it keeps coming up with an error about something that doesn’t quite make sense to me.

If there is a way to use vim or nano that would also work.

I think the command you wanted was:

  • docker cp

not just:

  • cp

When I try to use “docker cp” of course without the quotes it keeps telling me that command does not exist.