Getting unauthorized WOPI host error on

as above, getting this error on local host. i have edited the loolwsd file so that it should allow this to work locally. i am integrating with a custom productivity app that gets files from AWS and forwards them to collabora. can anyone point out what im doing wrong? here is the loolwsd.xml file:

<!-- Note: 'default' attributes are used to document a setting's default value as well as to use as fallback. -->
<!-- Note: When adding a new entry, a default must be set in WSD in case the entry is missing upon deployment. -->

<allowed_languages desc="List of supported languages of Writing Aids (spell checker, grammar checker, thesaurus, hyphenation) on this instance. Allowing too many has negative effect on startup performance." default="de_DE en_GB en_US es_ES fr_FR it nl pt_BR pt_PT ru">de_DE en_GB en_US es_ES fr_FR it nl pt_BR pt_PT ru</allowed_languages>

<sys_template_path desc="Path to a template tree with shared libraries etc to be used as source for chroot jails for child processes." type="path" relative="true" default="systemplate"></sys_template_path>
<child_root_path desc="Path to the directory under which the chroot jails for the child processes will be created. Should be on the same file system as systemplate and lotemplate. Must be an empty directory." type="path" relative="true" default="jails"></child_root_path>
<mount_jail_tree desc="Controls whether the systemplate and lotemplate contents are mounted or not, which is much faster than the default of linking/copying each file." type="bool" default="true"></mount_jail_tree>

<server_name desc="External hostname:port of the server running loolwsd. If empty, it's derived from the request (please set it if this doesn't work). Must be specified when behind a reverse-proxy or when the hostname is not reachable directly." type="string" default="">localhost:9980</server_name>
<file_server_root_path desc="Path to the directory that should be considered root for the file server. This should be the directory containing loleaflet." type="path" relative="true" default="loleaflet/../"></file_server_root_path>

<memproportion desc="The maximum percentage of system memory consumed by all of the Collabora Online Development Edition, after which we start cleaning up idle documents" type="double" default="80.0"></memproportion>
<num_prespawn_children desc="Number of child processes to keep started in advance and waiting for new clients." type="uint" default="1">1</num_prespawn_children>
<per_document desc="Document-specific settings, including LO Core settings.">
    <max_concurrency desc="The maximum number of threads to use while processing a document." type="uint" default="4">4</max_concurrency>
    <batch_priority desc="A (lower) priority for use by batch eg. convert-to processes to avoid starving interactive ones" type="uint" default="5">5</batch_priority>
    <document_signing_url desc="The endpoint URL of signing server, if empty the document signing is disabled" type="string" default=""></document_signing_url>
    <redlining_as_comments desc="If true show red-lines as comments" type="bool" default="false">false</redlining_as_comments>
    <pdf_resolution_dpi desc="The resolution, in DPI, used to render PDF documents as image. Memory consumption grows proportionally. Must be a positive value less than 385. Defaults to 96." type="uint" default="96">96</pdf_resolution_dpi>
    <idle_timeout_secs desc="The maximum number of seconds before unloading an idle document. Defaults to 1 hour." type="uint" default="3600">3600</idle_timeout_secs>
    <!-- Idle save and auto save are checked every 30 seconds -->
    <!-- They are disabled when the value is zero or negative. -->
    <idlesave_duration_secs desc="The number of idle seconds after which document, if modified, should be saved. Defaults to 30 seconds." type="int" default="30">30</idlesave_duration_secs>
    <autosave_duration_secs desc="The number of seconds after which document, if modified, should be saved. Defaults to 5 minutes." type="int" default="300">300</autosave_duration_secs>
    <always_save_on_exit desc="On exiting the last editor, always perform the save, even if the document is not modified." type="bool" default="false">false</always_save_on_exit>
    <limit_virt_mem_mb desc="The maximum virtual memory allowed to each document process. 0 for unlimited." type="uint">0</limit_virt_mem_mb>
    <limit_stack_mem_kb desc="The maximum stack size allowed to each document process. 0 for unlimited." type="uint">8000</limit_stack_mem_kb>
    <limit_file_size_mb desc="The maximum file size allowed to each document process to write. 0 for unlimited." type="uint">0</limit_file_size_mb>
    <limit_num_open_files desc="The maximum number of files allowed to each document process to open. 0 for unlimited." type="uint">0</limit_num_open_files>
    <limit_load_secs desc="Maximum number of seconds to wait for a document load to succeed. 0 for unlimited." type="uint" default="100">100</limit_load_secs>
    <limit_convert_secs desc="Maximum number of seconds to wait for a document conversion to succeed. 0 for unlimited." type="uint" default="100">100</limit_convert_secs>
    <cleanup desc="Checks for resource consuming (bad) documents and kills associated kit process. A document is considered resource consuming (bad) if is in idle state for idle_time_secs period and memory usage passed limit_dirty_mem_mb or CPU usage passed limit_cpu_per" enable="false">
        <cleanup_interval_ms desc="Interval between two checks" type="uint" default="10000">10000</cleanup_interval_ms>
        <bad_behavior_period_secs desc="Minimum time period for a document to be in bad state before associated kit process is killed. If in this period the condition for bad document is not met once then this period is reset" type="uint" default="60">60</bad_behavior_period_secs>
        <idle_time_secs desc="Minimum idle time for a document to be candidate for bad state" type="uint" default="300">300</idle_time_secs>
        <limit_dirty_mem_mb desc="Minimum memory usage for a document to be candidate for bad state" type="uint" default="3072">3072</limit_dirty_mem_mb>
        <limit_cpu_per desc="Minimum CPU usage for a document to be candidate for bad state" type="uint" default="85">85</limit_cpu_per>

<per_view desc="View-specific settings.">

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