How to disable update splash / changelog

Huge fan of CODE here, thank you!

This question is likely going to be annoying & offensive so I apologize in advance.

Is there any way to disable the popup (or modal dialog, or whatever you call it) that appears every time I update CODE? My users find it confusing and annoying.

I read the FAQ and I agree: I realize how important brand awareness is for FOSS. Perhaps there’s another way us admins and users can help advance the Collabora brand without forcing people to dismiss the popup.

I use .

Not an annoying or offensive question. The welcome message isn’t present in our Enterprise version - COOL, so - an easy way to contribute and advance the brand is to get a license for that for your users (how many do you have?) :slight_smile: Nextcloud has a way of mailing admins every few months on large servers which perhaps is our real audiance; we could perhaps hook into - but that takes some engineering, commits for that welcome (we will need an E-mail API for notifications anyway in the longer term).

Are there other ways we could make the welcome more welcoming, and/or relevant & useful - while reminding people of our brand & encouraging people to upgrade.


Ah, good to know. Paying a small amount to remove the welcome message sounds reasonable and fair, thanks.

My instance is just for personal/home use: ~2 users right now.

more welcoming, and/or relevant & useful


  • show some personalized information (“you’ve used CODE/COOL for x hours, created y documents, etc”)
  • only show welcome message to Nextcloud/Owncloud admins
  • show welcome message only if there is a very important update that affects users directly, e.g. “we need you to know that you can now embed stream-able video”
  • allow users to opt-out of welcome message: let them decide what’s relevant and useful

Just brainstorming here. I’m not claiming any of these are good ideas worth implementing.

reminding people of our brand & encouraging people to upgrade

maybe co-branding with Nextcloud? Like: “powered by Collabora” in their manual, website, marketing materials, etc? Or some other kind of partnerships with them. You’re probably already doing all this, sorry for not checking beforehand.

Finally, for the curious/tinkerers: I understand there’s a relevant toggle-able boolean value in loolwsd.xml.