How to set the spec.template.metadata.labels wopi-client pods with Helm chart

Hi there,

We are running collabora-online in our Kubernetes cluster. The wopi-client is deployed with the Helm chart.
Now we want to add the labels to the wopi-client pods, we need for our network policies to work. For the time being we added the labels with kubectl directly on the pods, so our policies are working.
But for future deployments we want to add the labels to the collabora-values.yaml file.

Can anyone help us to setup the values.yaml properly?

Hey jaapglasbergen, welcome to the forum + thanks for the question.

You can pass podLabels in your values.yaml to add the labels to collabora online


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Thank you Rashesh,

I was in contact with genofire earlier this week and was, with his help, able to add the labels to the pods.

It is working as I wanted now.

Jaap Glasbergen

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