Need help with the Collabora integration and web app

Hello everyone. Please help me to integrate Collabora with .NET application.

I have installed and configured ownCloud and Collabora Online Development Edition based on this tutorial Nextcloud 21 with Collabora & HPB - YouTube but I need to integrate collabora with .NET app.

So I created a basic form

but it does not work.
Here is what error I get and it seems it cannot get access to the server even though I have added hostname to the loolwsd.xml. Please, I do really need help. So any help or advice is much appreciated.

the form is:

Typically you get this error if Collabora Online fails to fetch eg. the CheckFIleInfo data from the WOPI host. If you sift through the ERR entries in the loolwsd log, you will find which request failed, and what the error was. If the problem was something like getting the CheckFileInfo JSON or the actual file data, you can try accessing those URLs directly eg. with curl, and troubleshoot your service.

Thank you for your help. Indeed, I could not connect to the wopi server from Collabora and ownCloud server. It needs VPN connection. I will try to configure VPN now.
Also, I wanted to ask whether I need to have ownCloud in my case? since I only need the LibreOffice like text editor inside my web app. So, I am not sure if ownCloud is/will be used anyhow… Thank you in advance.

Collabora Online needs a WOPI host to work with, once you have created the necessary WOPI endpoints in your web app, you shouldn’t need anything else.

BTW we have GitHub - CollaboraOnline/collabora-online-sdk-examples: Various minor pieces of code to be used in Collabora Online and related software but unfortunately still no examples using .NET : ( it would be really cool to see your example there :heart:

but I guess first you need to get it work, I’m not sure I can help with it but do feel free to join the IRC/telegram/matrix and maybe someone will be able to : )