Status Report Week 50


Worked on

  • calc view jump:
  • reported missing “You” in user list - might be related added fix for case when view id is 0
  • view jump in calc with idle in the scenario added fix which does sync cursor position

Worked on

  • Lingering comments on sheet/slide change after autosave​​
  • Impress: duplicate slide with comments does not show comments
  • Calc: Resizing coloumns leads to Column selection
  • Annotations: impress undo doesn’t revert content of a comment
  • eslint: resolve all eslint warning
    In progress- Difficult to move textboxes in presentations


  • Problems with loading a PPTX


Worked on

  • Comment delete/undo issues.
  • Hyperlinks in Read only mode
    In progress- Impress, mobile: Text cut/paste doesn’t work on presentation