Status Report Week 6


Worked on

  • copy-paste problem with closed document
  • load balancing issue
  • GH#8159 trash from jsdialog
    In progress
  • Date format in XLSX gets messed up
    • compared files, trying to reproduce problem with similar


Worked on

  • Make Read-only mode more interactive
    In progress
  • Make Read-only mode more interactive


Worked on

  • Calc first-start tab is not visible
    ​​​​​​In Progress
  • Some more issues on slide thumbnails when loading a set of ODP slide


Worked on

  • Fixed Reject all and accept all changes are not reflected immediately to the browser side
  • Fixed A buggy comment hangs on the browser side after removing a comment and saving the document.
  • Fixed on undo/redo of tracked comments
    In Progress
  • Difficult to move textboxes in presentations