Backup and migration

Hello, everyone.

I’ve been testing Collabora online for a few months now.
(CODE, Debian 10, package from ppa repository Index of /repos/CollaboraOnline/CODE-debian10)

It works really well and everyone loves it. Updates where flawlessly, no problems so far. Amazing! MS services are 100% gone as soon as I roll out CODE to productive.

I still have two problems to solve here: Backup and migration.

In the official documentation and also here in the forum there is hardly anything to read about it. We checked at Search — SDK documentation and in the SDK PDF Manual.

Where can I find information about:

  1. Backup: directories, files, configuration, dump of database …
  2. Migration: how to move to a “bigger” server if scaling becomes a thing.

Many thanks in advance.

  1. The configuration files are in /etc/coolwsd, from the perspective of CODE, those are the only ones you may want to back up.

  2. Install the packages on the other server, add the configuration files, and you’re good to go. If you want to scale over multiple servers, you could consider a load balancing setup, but the migration part still only consist of the config files — again, from the perspective of CODE.

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Hello and thank you for the answer.

I had the completely wrong assumption that the documents are stored on the coolwsd server.

We use Moodle to communicate with the coolws server (works lik a charm). The data is kept locally on the Moodle server, which completely solves the problem of backup and migration.

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