Performance issue with coolwsd


We would like to offer to our users the pdf document conversion feature.
We chose the API provided by Collabora Online.

Here is the description of the VM where collaboraoffice 22.05.5-2 is installed:

  • UBUNTU 20.04,
  • 8 cpu Intel Xeon E5-2660 v3 2.60GHz
  • 16 GB

The load tests show that collaboraoffice converts about 4 documents per second in the default configuration.
These results are consistent with the graph provided on this page :

Can we increase the number of documents processed per second by improving the power of the VM (which is already quite powerful).
Or is the best solution to decrease a little the power of a VM, but deploy several VMs behind a load balancer?

One last thing, we noticed a decrease of performance by upgrading collaboraoffice to 22.05.3-1 (from 21.06.30-1) and coolwsd to (from
Is it normal?


Olivier DAHON