BASIC script and Coolprop Extension

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I write and use BASIC scripts (macros) and Coolprop extenion in LibreOffice on my laptop (on Ubuntu). Mainly for Calc.

With Collabora Online, may I install this Coolprop extension and do we have the BASIC IDE for writing and running scripts?


And, all the extension working in LibreOffice on a PC will work on Collabora Online?

Thank you in advance for your time.

Est-ce qu’il est possible d’écrire (IDE) et de faire tourner des scripts BASIC avec Collabora Online ? Principalement pour Calc.

Est-ce que toutes les extensions de LibreOffice sont installables sur Collabora Online ?

Merci par avance de vos retours

Amicalement, José

Hi and welcome to the forum @jrd10 !

You can most definitely use macros on online. However, that feature is by default disabled. To enable it you need to tweak your coolwsd.xml file in the following section:

<enable_macros_execution desc="Specifies whether the macro execution is enabled in general. This will enable Basic, Beanshell, Javascript and Python scripts. If it is set to false, the macro_security_level is ignored. If it is set to true, the mentioned entry specified the level of macro security." type="bool" default="false">false</enable_macros_execution>
      <macro_security_level desc="Level of Macro security. 1 (Medium) Confirmation required before executing macros from untrusted sources. 0 (Low, not recommended) All macros will be executed without confirmation." type="int" default="1">1</macro_security_level>

Thank you for this fast feedback.

Find them in the Security section. Line 159 :).
For macro, I set it a true (instead of false)
For the security level, no modification: 1. “Confirmation needed”.

Unfortunately, no change and my macros does not work
I am on a YUNOHOST instance.
Restart off NextCloud and YUNOHOST. Same problem :).
The coolwsd service is OK

Does this setting change the Calc menu? How to reach the Basic/macro IDE?

Thank you again for any feedback.

Awesome :slight_smile:

So this might help: How to use and manage Basic and VBA compatible macros in Collabora Online - Collabora Office and Collabora Online

Also, you will find the possibility to run macros right from within UI

  • In Tabbed view mode: File tab > Run Macro
  • in Compact view mode: Top menu: Tools > Run macro…

Thank you for your feedback.

Sorry but I have tried all of them, even help. Nothing.

I looked up in NextCloud settings if it is requested to reactive something. Nothing.

I have created a post on YNH forum :slight_smile: Collabora Online (LibreOffice) How to get Macros and BASIC IDE (Coolwsd.xml) - Support apps - YunoHost Forum

Thank you for your time. José