Q: Collabora/Calc Controls (buttons, check-boxes) are invisible

Hi !

I have installed dockerized Collabora CODE with NextCloud, uploaded LibreOffice Calc spreadsheet, and found strange artifact. Check-boxes, push buttons and radios are not being shown on Collabora’s web page. The rest of document displayed fine and is fully functional.

Is it possible to fix this?

Another question - are LibreOffice Basic macros inside Calc spreadsheet functional when opened in web with Collabora? These macros are invoked with push button.

Thanks in advance.

We need to implement the rendering and interactions in the core for those form controls; if you’d like to work on that, we can find some core pointers of course!
Out of interest, what sort of document are you wanting to use with that? and/or do you have a sample / demo document - always interesting to see what controls you need.

OK, I’m understand that form controls are not implemented yet. Its a field engineer service report (for example, 1 push button used to generate PDF out of spreadsheet). Anyway, I can try to get around without form controls.

The most important question - are LibreOffice Basic (and may be Python) macros supported in Collabora Online CODE? If there are no form control technically it would be possible to invoke them with auto-calc formulas.

Thanks in advance for any suggestion(s).

PS. I made quite complex calc spreadsheets for electronic and magnetic design in the past, with combination of Basic and Python macros, so I accustomed to “macrosed” and “Pythoned” design.