Blinking keyboard on Android

I have CODE running in docker and using it with Owncloud server, everything works fine, but I have noticed that on Android when I want to edit a file (I have tried text document), the keyboard does not correctly open, it shows, then hides several times and then disappears completely.
I’m not really sure if it’s CODE problem, or Android problem or something else, so I first want to ask if there is anyone else experiencing the same issue and maybe if there is a fix for that if it’s a known issue.

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Welcome @Dehumanizer to the forum :slight_smile:

And, if I might as, how are you trying to edit the file from android side? Via the apk, from owncloud client or directly from web browser?

Oh, sorry. Directly from web browser. Editing via apk from owncloud client works fine.

I have a pixel 6 pro new android phone running android 12 and have same issue from:

  1. within nextcloud app
  2. with mobile browser

Makes it impossible to edit. Is there a fix for this?

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