Android App Invisible Text Issue

I’ve attempted to build the Android Collabora project a few times now, and on a successful build of all three components (Libre Core @ cp-6.4), POCO ( 1.10.1 ), (Online master), I’m experiencing an issue where the app functionality wise is fine, you can create and open docs, however when you attempt to modify or read the preexisting document, text doesn’t show. You’re able to add text and save and if you load up the same doc in another browser it is there. I can submit build logs or application logs directly if needed, it won’t let me add text files here.

Current BuildOS Ubuntu 20.04
Current Android OS 8.1, Armv7 32


I am facing the same issue.
I have tried with the following LibreOffice Core and Colabora Online versions:

all three build used POCO 1.10.1.

In all cases the issue was the same: nothing is visible when opening a document.
However if one creates a new document, inserts an image and saves it as pdf, the resulting pdf contains said image. Which means that everything works under the hood, but the canvas stays blank.
It might also be of help that when presenting a PowerPoint document, the slideshow works as intended and the entire document is displayed.

Current BuildOS Ubuntu 18.04 and Ubuntu 20.04
Current Android OS 10, Armv8 64

Update: We think it might have something to do with .css styles and fonts. When compared to the Play Store version, the compiled version doesn’t center a zoomed out page. We also saw the logcat throw a warning along the lines of: “Could not open .uno:StyleApplied” and then saying that it applies the “DefaultStyle”.
Maybe there is an extra step about packaging styles and fonts which is not documented.
You could also ask the team that built the PlayStore version for guidance.

We have managed to find a workaround by copying the libs from the .apk to the following path in the Core project: /android/jniLibs, after building the core.
This should mean that the process of building the core is not finished correctly, even though all requested dependencies are installed.

Might it somehow be OS dependant? Or is there anything else that you have installed aside from what is indicated in the core build tutorial?

The online master branch is broken for Mobile at the moment due to the current tile layer being under development. The stable branch for mobile is co-6-4. I suggest you to build the app on that :slight_smile:

Happy hacking and thanks for issuing this.

This is the current stable branch pair:
core: distro/collabora/cp-6.4
online: distro/collabora/co-6-4

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