Build code for iOS

Hi guys, I’m following this guide Build for iOS | Collabora Online - Community Page to build ios app. Everything is just fine until final step to run Mobile App from Xcode. I got the error :
**ld: file not found** for .a lib from ios-all-static-libs.list . All the .a files is available from file path. Anyone is facing this issue too?
Thank a lot!

Hello and sorry for the delay. We are now in the process of making the development category more active (possibility to use it as mailing list etc) and so, I’m now going through any non-answered topic and see if we can solve it :slight_smile:

Could you please let us know if this is still happening? Maybe you are missing a library, which file is missing? Can you paste here the whole error message?

@linh106 Hello, I am trying to build an iOS app with this tutorial Build for iOS | Collabora Online - Community Page In point 5.1 it talks about a source directory. Which source directory is meant? There are so many folders and subfolders with sources. I would be very grateful for any help