Missing icons in Collabora Online on mobile Browsers

I’m trying to find an infrastructure for all of my students in a divers environment, including WinPC, Android mobilephones, iPads, you name it.

Collabora Online (via Nextcloud) looked VERY promising first, but now as I have set it up I have some problems that render it pretty much useless, unfortunatly.

Most significantly there are a bunch of icons in the toolbars that don’t show up.

My Nextcloud 21 runs the latest version of the inbuilt CODE server and App on Ubuntu 20.04. Thanks a lot!

Hi @pechart ,
Could you please state your setup? (native packages, snap, docker?)
and can you please add a screenshot of that and a screenshot with Collabora’s about pop up opened?

Thanks @pedro.silva .

I’m using native packages. You’ll find screenshots attached. Thanks again!