Building CODE for LibreOffice 7.2

There’s no Ubuntu 20.04 arm64 package available for Collabora online (Ubuntu 18 arm64 package does work on Ubuntu 20.04), so I’ve been building LibreOffice and Collabora online myself. Build from the latest masters of the 2 repos builds and runs fine. Build from the libreoffice-7-0 branch of both repos also builds and runs fine. But I’d like to build CODE against LibreOffice branch libreoffice-7-2, but there is no corresponding branch in the CODE repo and the master and libreoffice-7-0 branches of CODE won’t build with LibreOffice/core branch libreoffice-7-2.

So my question is which branch in Collabora/online can I use to build against LibreOffice/core branch libreoffice-7-2? Is there a way to answer my question using git log for example?

No online branch is maintained to go together with LibreOffice 7.2.

You can build the following branch combinations:

  • core: distro/collabora/cp-6.4
  • online: distro/collabora/co-6-4


  • core: distro/collabora/co-2021
  • online: master (as of today, there will be a branch-off in the near future)

Thanks bearon, that’s really useful info. If I understand correctly, the daily download of the libo assets from is for x64 and there is no version for arm64?

I haven’t tried it myself, but I’d think so, yes.

when trying to get&test the best&latest version: Would it already be adviseable to use the co-2021/master combination instead of the cp/co-6.4 combination?

The 2021 combo is the latest. I found Build Collabora Online | Collabora Online - Community Page to be very helpful for building.