Calc: Missing drop-down menü since update to 21.11.4 on Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS

(In German language the name of the function is “daten/gültigkeit”. I do not know the English name, sorry.)

When using this function usually an arrow appears when a cell is entered / active.
Now the arrow is missing.
With the key combination “alt- down_arrow” the dropdown list with the choices appears (usually).
Now the menue appears in the top left corner of the calc-window.
Usually one can navigate in the menu with keys.
At the moment it is impossible.

Does anyone else experience this behaviour?
What would be the correct portal to fle a bug report?



Thanks @MVZ-LRA for pointing this out, could you pretty please file a bug on GitHub? (It would be nice if you could also drop there a screenshot.)

Thanks again : )

CC: @Ezinne
(I would also like to add that on master it works both on FF and Chrome)

I’ve constructed the most simply example. Please have a look at the screenshots.

Since I have no github-account, may i ask someone to post the case there?


P.S.: This is on top of Nextcloud 22.2.3. I didn’t test 23.0.

I’ve updated to nc 23.0. / collabora 5.0 Luckily with a snapshot.
I cannot open .ods-file with collabora any more. Instead, they are downloaded to my local computer.
Tested with FF and edge.


P.S.: latest ubuntu-updates

With the most recent update of CODE the arrow and the dropdown menue reappeared.
The menu is in a different position now. It covers the column right of the cell with the choices.
Still not functional is moving in the drop down menu with up/down arrow.