Can I optimize the function and customize the font?

Can you optimize the function so that users can customize the font, you can go to the open source website to download the font package, place it in the specified location, and the system can recognize it.

Hmmm… Can you explain a little more of what you’re thinking?

You want users to be able to add fonts more easily?

Right now, new “Fonts” or “Remote Fonts” can be enabled by admins of the Collabora server. For more info, see:

That describes how to do it manually, or how to adjust JSON remote_font_config to download fonts from URLs.

(I believe this has been possible since Collabora Online 22.05.)

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yes,you are right ,i want users to be able to add fonts more easily,The font package file can be installed locally on the iOS or iPad OS versions of the Collaborator Office to achieve more convenient and free installation, selection, or use of local font packages.

The cost of installing fonts nowadays is too high, and many users do not know how to use them. They hope to have a more concise method for installing fonts, which can be combined with open-source font websites for convenient local installation.

Okay, so… you are currently on iOS and want custom fonts?

  • What version of iOS + version of Collabora app are you on?
  • Do you know of any other iOS apps that allow this or have similar functionality? Can you give examples?

(I know in some ebook-reading apps (on Android), such custom reading fonts are possible… but I’m not familiar with the iOS ecosystem.)

But if we can gather some good info/examples, perhaps we can put in an Enhancement Request to the Collabora Github. :slight_smile:

i am useing the ipad os 17.4.1,the latest version collabora office ,the IPad users will definitely love this software because the screen is large enough and the performance is strong. If the font function of Collaborator Office on iPad OS can be optimized well, it will benefit more people, which will be very great.

ipad’s apps ,named pages,and "WPS ”,and the office on pc,can install or change the fonts to make the word show the font the user want。

mayebe,you guys can solve it ,the most fone i want use is "宋体“”仿宋-GB2312""方正小标宋简体”,parhaps ,When the new version of Collaborate on iPad OS is released, these fonts can be built-in into the software or placed in cloud services for easy access by everyonethank you very much。

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Fantastic. Thank you for that information @violentrant.

I brought it up in today’s COOL Weekly Meeting 168.

Looks like some iOS custom font stuff has also been available since iOS 13. For example, see:

Can you link to a sample of this font file too? Thanks. :slight_smile:

Do you have a Github account? If you do, please:

That’ll help the team keep track of this issue.