Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #168

Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #168

Date: 16th May 2024

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  • Pedro, Vivek, Bayram, Anna, Attila, Ezinne, Meven, Skyler, Darshan, Hubert, Cor, Nicolas, Andras, Gökay, Cleopatra
  1. Testing

  1. Release Schedule

  • CODE 24.04.x Expected to be release in the next week.

    • RPM issues that got fixed
  • Mobile releases are in testing mode ……

    • Builds created

      • available in the testflight

      • 1 blocker to go for Android hopefully to have this fixed

  1. Online Activity

Answered 5 posts this week + Ash helped answer too.

Potential Bug

Interesting Requests

Key Topics

  1. Next events

  2. Next meeting

  • 23**/05/2024**