Can we use VBA/macros in the latest version of CODE?

I was trying to use macros in CODE(excel/xlsm files), and changed the config to enable macros as this post said, but the tool menu didn’t show up(the dialog did show up), there’s no place to manage and edit macros.


Hi ljdavns

The execution of a part of macro’s is possible. But there is indeed no UI for managing or editing.
So the macro’s are an extra tool that people can make available for using in specific document online.

Thank you so much, but I didn’t see the “Tools” menu where you can select and run macros either, is there a way to achieve this in the recent versions of CODE?

Yeah, possibly the menu got lost somehow… Let me look/ask.

Sorry forgot to get back here.
From what I understood, it is indeed a bug that the menu is missing!
Thanks for asking, so that we discovered this.


I have the same issue.
I did the modification in the Coolwsd.xml file but no Macro command in the menus.

@cornouws you mention, it is a bug?
I use a YUNOHOST instance.

Do you think there is this issue in the Collabora Online platform?

Thank you in advance for your feedback.