Collabora Online Weekly #82

Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #82

Date: July 21 2022

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  • Pedro, Julius, Ezinne, Szymon, Ezinne, Gabriel M., Nicolas, Gokay, Aron, Pranam, Rashesh, Michael, Abi

Nicolas (Adfinis)

  • The following issue bugs some of our team as we work with document properties in our template(s):
  • ETA for 22.05?
    • Do we have enterprise builds yet ? (Michael)
      • no only CODE so far (Aron)
      • COOL snapshots are available – std. URL – switch to 22.05 in there.
        • Should be updated daily – last 2 days ago.
      • Our favourite bugs are against these (Michael)
        • test issues on staging here to see if they’re fixed (Nicolas)

Release schedule (Gokay)

  • Have a set of 22.05 issues to solve
    • trying to estimate the fix date of these – so release date of COOL can be decided
    • at least two weeks out.

Nextcloud bits (Julius)

  • PDF opening merged (and backported) Add `openWith` function to OCA.Viewer by Raudius · Pull Request #1273 · nextcloud/viewer · GitHub

    • Pending on next Server release and new richdocuments release - 11th August.
  • Julius: It seems undo blocks the first user’s changes (when multiple user work)

    • Michael: actually it does not work like that. It’s about how undo deals with conflicts (or better de-conflict those conflicts)
      • we handle some easy circumstances in writer – for independent paragraphs
      • will open a ticket for cells in Calc (Julius) – still need to do that
    • Asked someone to look at this (Michael)
  • Would love an API to extract change-tracking details from files (Julius)

    • should be able to extract the changes reasonably easily (Michael)
    • comparing files for a fallback (Julius)
    • exposing this from an API would be good …
    • Talked a potential partner (Michael)
      • tested many of their customer → 2.5 up-version instead
        • who hated it =)
      • they preferred → red-lining.
    • Would like an iframe tweak with two wopi URLs that compares them (Julius)
    • A ‘compare button’ → perhaps more expected (Pedro)
  • Tor → font bits …

    • very simple patch merged – should be lots better here.
    • Want to do a round of testing on their side again (Julius)


  • COOL days conference – in Berlin Oct 2nd → 5th inclusive
    • with partner day on the 4th and team-building on the 3rd …
    • community welcome to TBD team-building.
  • More details pending – reserve your calendar slot …
    • to be announced properly shortly.


  • Mostly listening in – undertsanding what’s happening …
  • How goes the build ? (Pedro)
    • early on still, getting setup & sorting out Linux (Abi)
      • not used it before.
      • Summer year 12 → 13 … learning opportunity.
    • Hopefully we can help out (Pedro)

Forum (Pedro)

Gabriel Masei

  • Created an issue: Paragraph formatting is not saved in certain languages in Writer
    • after Revert "sw: restore UI language to en while saving" · LibreOffice/core@900891c · GitHub
    • Aron: it was revert in both branches (COOL and CODE)
      • Original problem this addessed was: (Michael)
        • multiple users – the 2nd user with a diferent langauge to the 1st couldn’t save at all.
      • 1st cut soltuion → switchh all saves to en-US
        • this breaks export – and looses some file content in some cases: amazingly …
          • some references (Gabriel)
            • because of horrible style translation internally
            • automatic style reference is lost.
      • 2nd cut solution → switch to load-time-language to save it
        • this should work nicely … in 22.05 …
        • hopefully this works …
        • tested vs. latest 22.05 and master – bug still there (Gabriel)
          • Aron to check after the meeting.
          • Badly need an automated test here (Michael)
            • will spend some time investigating this (Gabriel)
          • reproducd this locally too (Aron)
            • default hello-world is created in German so using de_DE doesn’t provoke it

GitHub activity (Pedro and Ezinne)

Design bits (Pedro and others)

  • Lots of formula-bar fixes and improvements that go in to master
    • Input on mobile devices improved (both on Android and iOS)
      • Still some smaller issues to fix on iOS
  • Fixes tablets around floating icon (the dot on save icon)
  • Fixes for compact view on tablets, we had inconsistencies across doc types when operating view menu
  • Fix weird padding arround toolbar wrapper for calc on compact mode

Other ongoing work

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