Cannot get the PHP example working for web app

( forum is no letting me post anything with links so I use h-t-t-ps )

I have tried all sort of different ways, and I cannot get this to work

I have collabora working, through a proxy and url is something like h-t-t-ps://
Collabora works fine, mattermost and pull from it, I can do discovery etc etc

However, I want to build this into my web app. So I tried using this example

I just can’t get it to work
I’ve tried local build with url so I have put in my apache config
I’ve tried a sandbox online with https:// I get the same results
I’ve tied in apache config:
Header set Content-Security-Policy: "frame-ancestors h-t-t-ps:// h-t-t-ps:// "
Header set Content-Security-Policy: “frame-src h-t-t-ps:// h-t-t-ps:// blob:;”

I’ve tried several different settings in coolwsd. Nothing is working

Here is a screenshot of the ui

I got this working. for anyone that needs more information

hellop I am new here

Thanks for the information