CODE 6.4.10 released - Please help us test!

CODE 6.4.10 has been released.

Please help us test the features. Find the complete announcement here!

CODE 6.4.10 – Released on July 1st, 2021

New Features & general improvements

  • Anchors for images & objects implemented in online Writer
  • Showing headers and footers in PPTX presentations; this also helps interoperability
  • PDF continuous scrolling implemented; earlier you could only browse PDF files page by page
  • Online Help and About dialog interaction have been improved; also the content can be copied now too

Performance improvements

  • Asynchronous save, preventing that in some situations editing is blocked.
  • Considerable rendering performance improvements for red-lining (spell checking).
  • Message parsing performance improved by solving memory waste.
  • The image scaling caches for multi-user documents has been enlarged, based on the number of users.
  • JavaScript image encoding has been optimized.
  • JavaScript performance in the browser client has a large number of improvements.
  • The document is no longer re-rendered in the browser for every websocket message from the server: instead batching message processing to improve responsiveness.
  • JavaScript and grid line rendering performance in Calc have also been improved.

Profiling & debugging improvements

  • New built-in end-to-end profiler, helping developers.
  • Trace-logging for one document/user, helping sysadmins/developers with diagnoses of problems with individual documents.

Usability improvements

  • After inserting a shape or a table, the NotebookBar will switch to Draw/Table tab.
  • Dropdown button in classic mode for fontcolour, backcolour added.
  • Button arrangement optimized (Find & Replace, Thesaurus).
  • Icons and close buttons position optimized.
  • NotebookBar improved by showing important items with a large button.
  • NotebookBar size reduced.
  • Change document name box improved.
  • Favicon improved for documents in Online.
  • Improved cell cursors and selections.
  • AutoFill selector improvement in Calc.
  • Spreadsheet tabs more legible through added contrast & cosmetic fixes.
  • Spreadsheet tabs context menu reworked: only the options that make sense (e.g. with one sheet) will be available.
  • The search toolbar now gives a clearly visible “not found” feedback.
  • The settings in the CSV Import dialog are better positioned and therefore easier to use. Also horizontal scrolling through columns is enabled.
  • Tooltip and label fixes.
  • Various close buttons and other icons have the best position now.
  • Several style inconsistencies in dialogs, menus and popups have been fixed.

Find more details in the announcement!