Status Report Week 43


Worked on

  • Cursor movement in document
    • checked if we can revert old behavior - still jumps
  • formulabar selection
  • Manage changes dialog improvements
  • optimization: Reduce server communication for font pickers
  • jsdialog widget update → jsdialog action for some events
  • optimization: Optimize theme switching
    • do not reload notebookbar in the core and online, reload only
      icons instead
  • conditional formatting improvements
  • fixed Firefox input bug in simple conditional formatting dialog
    In Progress
  • ODT document : all updates made in the last two hours before coolwd crash (“malloc(): unsorted double linked list corrupted”) los
    Worked on
  • Debugged missing strings: Find all the untranslated string
    • when testing with German language
  • Rename: document name changes twice #6131
  • Rename dialog sometimes flickers #7479
  • 23.05 - Calc - Cancel Button does not remove the empty Comment Dialog
  • Autosaved comment cannot be closed (Again)
  • Comments overlapping so i can’t edit them #7527
  • Cancel reply comment deletes the parent comment after autosaved
  • Modified comment is inserted even if cancelled after autosave
  • Implemented cypress test for comment autosave in writer, calc and impress
    In Progress- Calc: Pastes the formula instead of number


Worked on

  • Impress: LO-L3: PPTX import doesn’t import unused master slides (fixing some unit test failures)

In Progress

  • Standard filter for background should take colors in empty cells

Worked on

  • Crash on column delete

Best Regards