CODE ARM (aarch64) build

Are there any instructions available currently for building CODE on ARM (aarch64) devices? Is a build planned at all?

It seems that with AWS Graviton servers, 8GB Raspberry PIs etc there are more use cases for it now.

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Hi @baarkerlounger !

We have aarch64 build in the works, we are testing them on Raspberry Pi 4. In fact building CODE on aarch64 is not much different, it works mostly out of the box. For core we disabled python and used system nss3, otherwise everything is the same as on x86_64.


@andras.timar Amazing! Will look out for an aarch64 build then.

@andras.timar is there a git issue or anything similar I could use to follow the progress on this? (Not been able to find one so far). Also are there any builds hosted anywhere yet that I could try?

Looking forward to the ARM64 Docker Image :smiley: My Rasberry Pi 4B 8GB running OMV, Docker + Portainer -> NextCloud is ready for Beta Testing :smiley:

I would expect it to be announced on

@andras.timar I see that arm64 builds have been added here (Releases · CollaboraOnline/richdocumentscode · GitHub) since late October. Must have missed the announcement if there was one but thank you very much for your work!