CODE docker-image v24: dictionaries separator kills with SIGSEGV


Up until the recent docker-image version (I tried: - 89a7742)
I had the environment variable “dictionaries” successfully used with three dictionaries and separated with a comma.

Now the docker-images fails

Preload textencodings
Allowlisted languages: de_DE,en_US 
Preloading dictionaries: 
Preloading thesauri: 
Preloading breakiterator: frk-00011-00011 2024-04-24 08:37:26.795303 +0000 [ coolforkit ] SIG   Fatal signal received: SIGSEGV code: 1 for address: 0x0
Recent activity:

Backtrace 11 - forkit startup of 89a7742:

Looking at how the dictionaries are separated without specifying it (using blank space), it works (again), and maybe it was always supposed to be that way.

Anyway: just to let you know:

docker run --rm --env dictionaries="de_DE en_US" collabora/code:latest

works while using “de_DE,en_US” does not.



Same error here. Upgrading

Installation from Debian packages.

Workaround from Timar: Crash on 24.04 ubuntu packages · Issue #8853 · CollaboraOnline/online · GitHub

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Fantastic. Thanks for all the information @jolly-jump + updating with the workaround @rob. :slight_smile: