CODE or COOL: Where are the COOL-packages?

Dear reader,

I have set up a nextcloud-server with code app. Since we have some problems with stability and performance, I am thinking of using a) COOL instead of CODE and b) an external server instead of the nextcloud app.

For some reason I havn’t found a COOL-app for nextcloud. Is there any?
And searching for COOL-packages do not return equivalent result as searches for CODE-packages do.
Is there a freely available COOL-packages? Some prepared docker packages or manualls how to set up a COOL-server.

Thanks a lot


Hi again,

I wonder why there is no response to this questions.

Is it off topic?
Is these answer so obvious that nobody thinks it’s worth an answer?

How can I set up a COOL-Server?
Is this is a commercial service?


Hi Martin, I’m having a guess here: I believe that the latest version Collabora use for their business partners is Collabora Online 6.4.9-3 as per these release notes: Collabora Online 6.4 Release Notes - Collabora Office and Collabora Online

I assume Collabora customise their release for business partners with branding and possibly backport bug fixes in to it. So, I guess they feel CODE 6.4.9-3 is pretty stable, is it available from here: Collabora Online · GitHub, if you want you could add backports, but I imagine this could be tricky.

I think a 20 user licence will get you a branded version very cheaply. A commercial service could be a better way to go for you, such as from NextCloud, see
Subscriptions - Collabora Office and Collabora Online, there is also a “Contact Us” on the page.

I hope this helps you.