COOL package + SSL termination + Nextcloud


I am trying to make COOL work with my running nextcloud instance. I am almost there, but it still doesn’t work. Can you help?

My environment would be like:

  • Debian (5.10.149-2) COOL package installed ;
  • Apache2 with a VirtualHost “office dot domain dot com”, set for SSL termination, that lets certbot handle the certificates ;
  • Nextcloud ( hosted on “nuage dot domain dot com” using COOL to open my files.

Here is my config:

  • The Debian COOL package is installed as in the doc “Installation_from_packages.html”.
  • Nextcloud is up and running.
  • So is certbot.
  • My only Apache2 config file for COOL reads as follow. (domain SEDed of course).
  • coolwsd.xml reads as follow.
  • In Nextcloud’s “Nextcloud Office” settings, I set “Collabora Online server URL” to “https”. I save this, get an hypno wheel and I get the error: “Impossible to connect to Collabora Online server”.

In the meantime, I can reach /hosting/discovery and /browser/dist/admin/admin.html that says that the server is up and running.

What did I misconfigured?

take a look at this article:

as you say /hosting/discovery works (from client?) there might be an issue with DNS, network, firewall or TLS from the server trying to connect to itself. curl command as described above should help analyze the issue.

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Thank you. Issue solved. curl wouldn’t work because my firewall was too tight. I keep the URL, it was very useful.

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