Collabora 23 Docker Container not working

Hello all. This is my first post so pardon me if I did it wrong.

I have Collabora [] installed in a docker container with a nginx reverse proxy and it works. If I load a Collabora 23 container with the same setup, it does no work. The container starts but the last line in the log has this message: coolwsd INF Waiting for a new child for a max of 20000ms wsd COOLWSD.cpp. Why does release 22 work but when I pull the release 23 container and start it, it doesn’t work? Did something change in the way docker needs to startup?

Great question - can you do:

$ sudo strace -f -tt -s 256 -p

That should show us what is going on; it looks like it can’t launch the forkit (which manages the LibreOfficeKit instances behind the scenes). Clearly that should work perfectly, but perhaps there is something strange abotu your container - where did you get it from ? is there anything in the logs that is interesting ?

Thanks !