Collabora does not load any file

Collabora recueves discovery request and returned its response successfully…
But the rest of requests are not working properly.
checkFileInfo request does not recieve in my host

version 6.4.14 is used

Have you configured COOL to allow access to your server ? perhaps look at:
in loolwsd.xml

The problem is fixed by adding hostname=<WOPI-HOST-IP> in my .yml file.

I did not know it is necessary to add hostname to config file, since the application works properly with IPs in rang 172, 192 and 10 (which are allowd by default in CODE)

I did not undesrtand what do you mean by COOL.

When do I need server_name to be also configured beside hostname?

in fact I configured my collabora as below:

      - domain=<WOPI_HOST_IP>
      - username=admin
      - password=admin
      - extra_params=--o:ssl.enable=false

Is there anything else which is necessary? @mmeeks @pedro.silva

means Collabora Online, in the aforementioned xml you have settings for allowing/disallowing ips for storage; ssl configurations etc