Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #21

Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #20

Date: April 22, 2021
Next meeting: April 29, 2021
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  • Kendy, Thorsten, Nicolas, Gabriel, Symon, Vivek, Aron, Andreas K, Pedro, Andras, Rashesh, Ezinne,

Community update (Muhammet)

  • 90+ new contributors (25+ code contributors) since the move to github
  • Upcoming Getting Started Open-Source/COOL Dev on GitHub workshop later next week
    • Announcement at the beginning of next week, workshop near the end.
    • A repetition of the Turkish workshop in English
  • Blog posts and new easy hacks are much appreciated! :slight_smile:

JSON Toolbar / Notebookbar changes (Szymon)
- Still focused elsewhere.

Cleanup lost children (Gabriel)

  • all done.

CanvasTileLayer bits (Michael)

  • ongoing – and looking good; drop the topic – chase bugs.

Icon theming (css class names) (Pedro)

Async Saving (Michael)

  • All the test are passing …
  • 12k more lines (of 22k lines) to review … for the back-port to cp-6.4

UX bits (Pedro)

  • Welcome to Vivek
    • a web-developer working to enhance the JS experience, and a 2nd year student.
    • Merged the first two PRs (Pedro)
      • 2nd patch merged by Pranam – improving the full-screen button
  • Trying to improve UX bug reports with step by step instructions & details
    • so more people can easily get to work on these smaller easier-hacks
  • Great to see new bug reports from Andreas
  • Bug report around mobile (Andreas)
    • can write down which CSS isn’t useful for desktop – don’t know JS dialog bits
    • we see a lot of commands – not useful on desktop; don’t want to hurt mobile – because can’t test it.
    • Just create the issue (Pedro)
      • goal is to have quicker loading / faster rendering JS + CSS for desktop
      • ordering problems with JS – something of a nightmare (Michael)
      • focus just on CSS files for desktop first (Pedro)

Gitpod (Pedro)

  • the default editor has changed recently – some people are lost
  • there is a new forum post that explains how to change to the previous / old editor you are used to:
  • can’t use ‘g’ script on gitpod to submit easily currently
    • but can add permissions to gitpod in your personal profile
      • and so can push easily.
    • …. [!] ….

CI bits (Andras)

  • CI improved for co-6.4 branch – to check master against.
  • co-2021 on cypress is unblocked too
  • Rashesh is working to improve cypress against core / co-2021

Pull requests (Michael)

  • nothing lingering.

Nextcloud & Staging (Andreas)

  • default to Notebookbar ? …
  • did a gap analysis (Szymon)
    • missing bits from classic were added to notebookbar
    • probably nothing is missing.
  • Should we switch to Notebookbar yet ? (Michael)
    • hold off it a little bit – wait a bit more (Pedro)
      • lots of changes / improvements entering
      • wait – a bit more confidence to advocate for that.
    • Expect this for co-2021 (Michael)
      • if not sooner.
      • Would be nice to have it next month (Pedro)
        • in one or two more weeks.
  • Will help to improve the notebookbar layout (Andras)
    • to make it more consistent.

Ongoing work (Kendy)

  • lots of bug-fixing around CODE 6.4.8
  • some performance work (Michael)
    • Tor doing profiling bits
  • next big thing coming – Szymon’s sidebar work for co-2021
    • development about to start next week.
    • How long to get something on the screen to pixel-polish ? (Szymon)
      • sidebar completely re-worked in 7.1 – will probably need a lot of fixes
      • not like enabling it for desktop.
      • something visible – will be easy …
  • Attached window for color selector - to sidebar button (Nicolas)
    • is it possible to make those dialogs not attached; a modal dialog (?)
    • yes – one reason to do this in the 1st place (Kendy)
      • selector – JS as when we open toolbar selector.
      • Then possible eg. to replace sidebar pane with color selector temporarily (Michael)

Release schedule bits (Andras)

  • Released CODE 6.4.8 early this week
    • by end of the week – expect to have COL 6.4.8 with more improvements
    • will re-release CODE too.
  • CODE 6.4.9
    • blocking on async saving / bulk writing work review …
      • one to two weeks out (?)
  • New core branch co-2021 polishing for next months

Next Meeting
Next meeting will take place on Thursday, April 29, 2021 at 10:00 am (UTC)