Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #76

Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #76

Date: June 9 2022

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Attendees (write your name):

  • Julius, Andras, Michael, Kendy, Pranam, Gokay, Pedro, Szymon, Aron,
    Nicolas, Gabriel

Nextcloud bits (Julius)

  • Working on fields
  • Widget re-worked, no indicator to see which person you clicked to follow
    • in the widget – when you press “follow someone” keeps following even if you edit
      • should stop when you start to edit – as happens on a map.
      • AI: file an easy-hack around this (Gokay)
  • Some fixes in the pipeline – causing issues with special characters
    • could have lead to documents not opening in some cases.
    • Did some hacks around php-proxy (Michael)
      • waiting for some QA results on that still.
    • Something different – had an unusual way of passing the
      filenames around richdocuments side
  • Error duplicating a file within the same directory: Copying a file and renaming it in the same directory · Issue #2092 · nextcloud/richdocuments · GitHub
    • looked like the preview requests may have caused the file-locking
      • Do a shared-lock when reading the file, but may cause exclusive lock to fail.
    • Perhaps good to copy the file to a temp file when generating the preview.
      • May fail for 600Mb PPTs.
    • Internally we generate a high-quality pixel preview (Michael)
      • partly because of hair-line issue → render it large & scale it.
      • Possibly we could send it with the save → Post two things …
      • no way to overwrite the preview outside of the preview paths (Julius)
  • Font pieces:
    • Tor on holiday → was looking at some bind-mounting issue (Michael)
  • Nothing special here – discussing doing the next richdocuments release
  • Desktop / PC locking / launching feature → next for Tor.
    • Getting locking information and then we can discuss how CO can pick up those details

Gabriel (1-and-1)

Grammar checking (Kendy)

  • Problems with the XML files
    • format needs to have locale names in the config file for every locale.
    • Trying to make it work out of the box: all enabled, but grammar checking is only turned on / off in the desktop version in config screen
    • and/or with env. Variable
    • Whatever found as 1st grammar checker enables without user-config
    • There but configuring it in COOL is hard currently.
  • Mert onto DeepL integration when this is finished.

Welcome updates (Gokay)

  • updated the ticket (Michael)
  • LibreOffice Technology logo now seems to be indirected via coolwsd

Forum (Pedro)

  • Been a bit absent – on holiday; today back in full force.
  • New users coming in – interesting thing is 1 user reporting two issues
    • solved his own issues
      • lifeboy: awesome to have answers shared with other people!
  • Kubernetes/nginx
    • looked at a problem & tried to reproduce it (Pranam)
      • everything seemed to work fine
      • just gave some general advice.
  • Interesting report re: Android/tablet – a crash opening dialogs …
    • asked for info & didn’t get much.
    • AI: add instructions on logging app so we can get details (Pedro)

GitHub activity (Pedro)


  • More testing needed & tuning for larger numbers of users
  • B/W reduction is very substantial some numbers ~75% redux – 20kb/sec vs. 100 …

Design bits (Pedro)

22.05 bits (Michael)

  • Internal / live testing of 22.05 reveals many crashers & problems
    • unlikely that we ship in 1 week.

Other ongoing work (Gokay)

  • polishing 22.05 – working on welcome
  • Content Controls & mostly bug-fixing.
  • Ash is working on mixed-language save
  • Ash addressed a nasty socket error condition bug addressed
  • Lubos fixed a threading / deadlock in change-tracking.
  • Rash: two new improvements:
    • PR: that makes the alias groups even easier to setup in case you want to say a group of hosts should be in one alias group – by regexp.
      • only one host – as a regexp - 1st one who matches is the host – the rest is aliases to that. Hopefully helps wrt. Docker upgrades.
    • PR: for @mentions – fixed import of ODF to identify comments
      • created export to OOXML – distracted by content-controls again for a bit.


  • questions on find-replace focus – is there a ticket ?
    • Duplicated id – two nodes there.
  • Nice to have JSDialog / code re-use from save/busy popups (Michael)
    • perhaps harder – more dialog-’y edges ?
    • for each different one should have different animation (Pedro)
      • saw some weirdness there …
      • black border – focus marker from browser: now gone … (Szymon)

Next Meeting


AI: add instructions on logging app so we can get details (Pedro)
Done: How to get logs from Android