Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #56

Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #56

Date: Jan 20, 2022

Next meeting: 27/01/2022

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Attendees (write your name):

  • Pedro, Michael, Gabrielm Gokay, Kendy, Szymon, Andras

Community update (Pedro)

Forum activity:

CI (Pedro)

  • Undo and redo test that we have but it’s only based on keyboard shortcuts so maybe if we have time it would be good to add for the ui (already discussed with Rashesh), Pedro to create a ticket
  • Main tasks now for Rashes are related t o core now, CI → maintenance now

File path tooltip (Alexandru)

  • Pedro: merged
  • Some translations also added

Design bits (Pedro)

What we’re up to (Szymon)

  • Finally fixed tunnelled dialogs rendering – layout is now RTL.
  • Fixed drawing of file-based widgets like tabs
  • correct drawing of eg. formula-bar: have a partial fix, still have some leftovers
  • checked style previews – with TOFU marks
    • always use Liberation Sans font for headings, arabic or noto – killed tofus
    • should switch default font for default styles for CTL / RTL language
    • want to change the default font for these styles.
    • Historically VCL.xcu (Andras)
      • changed it there, but had no effect; full re-build ? Or …
      • perhaps it is overridden somewhere else.
  • Still lots of fixing ongoing (Gokay)
    • lots of polishing & bug-fixes for 6.4 too
  • many things were merged regarding the migration tool (Andras)
    • configuration migration tool
    • runs automatically during the package upgrade
    • 6.4 – extracts non-default / changed keys from loolwsd.xml
    • and migrates them to coolwsd.xml
    • most importantly wopi-host, SSL settings etc.
    • hopefully this is smooth & easy.
    • Assume this is a one-off solution.

Schedule & update (Timar)

  • Continue on-schedule
  • CODE 21.11.1 release today
    • expect a nano shortly afterwards – on historic patterns
  • will the new branch be for 21.11 ? (Gabriel)
    • so far everything picked across to the branch (Andras)
      • co-21.11.1 – may need renaming
      • decision is to relieve double review requirement on master
    • plan to put dummy in the branches (Michael)
      • to avoid accidental problems with back-porting
  • Next CODE release – a month out … TBD

Nextcloud bits (Julius)

  • On vacation.

  • People trying to open CSV with COOL + Nextcloud (Pedro)

    • used to be a problem with default mime-type
    • registered to open with a text editor.
    • Reverts back to open as text.
    • Jan: “For sure, if Collabora is installed, makes much more sense to use that for opening CSV files. :slight_smile:
  • Limitation in files-app (Julius)

  • Maintenance release of richdocuments with template fixes soon

  • regular calls with Pedro,

  • Looking at the notebookbar design – to see how we can improve that further

    • seeing how we can make it fit into the NC design-language
    • some findings – of duplicate hamburger / notebook-bar

Design contributions (Pedro)

  • Not much new; iterating things

1&1 bits (Gabriel)

  • optional manipulation of links when the user clicks on them, for use cases like adding the jsessionid param for Java applications or using a dereferer application (that also scans links for potential malware)
  • working on upgrade plans for next month decide on version
  • created a 6.4 and a 21.11 version
  • how stable is 21.11
    • good (Michael)
      • we are using in production
      • no more crashes seen in last month than 6.4
  • have a logging change from window.console.log (Alexandru)
    • need to resolve conflicts – with some new commits.
    • Inevitable with console.log (Michael)
    • best not to override console.log on window
    • makes sense.
  • Working on crashes previously
    • some of the fixes were already in the new version
    • focused on upgrade instead to catch up with latest updates

Easy bug(s) (Pedro)

  • Hyperlink in calc – tooltip showing the formula not the hyperlink.
  • SDK URL particularly re: configuration strings to show users lool strings the places they can change

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