Community Weekly Meeting #136

Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #136

Date: Sep 14th 2023

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Attendees (write your name):

  • Andras, Anna, Ezinne, Mike D, Attila, Caolán, Darshan, Hub, Szymon, Timur, Gökay, Cosmin, Skyler, Nick, Aron, Vivek, Pedro, Pranam, Nicolas

Document split

Annoying heading behavior

Release schedule

  • Next week minor release: CODE 23.05.4 Thursday 12-14 September
    • hope to have an announcement today.
    • More fixes for next week – with a 2nd COOL release and a new CODE.
  • Mobile releases 12-14 September
    • iOS release is queued
      • final smoke test is in progress
      • looks good on the surface, no obvious regressions (Nicolas)
        • think it’s a stable release.
      • Ezinne found some cosmetic issues (Andras)
        • filed and will be checked.
    • Android too
      • Snapshots: Index of /downloads/Collabora-Office-Android-Snapshot testing appreciated
      • seems to have regressions entering edit mode in text document (Nicolas)
        • not seeing text while in edit mode,
        • Andras not seeing that – invalidates document, and zooms in – get text after a second – using light mode.
    • expect these go out today / tomorrow.

Online activity

Forum (Mike D)

Answered 2 minor posts.

16 → 16 - zero replies in user support:

User Support - Collabora Online

35 → 37 - zero replies in installation and config:

Installation & Configuration - Collabora Online


Next meeting

Postponed by a week. New date: 28/09/2023