Community Weekly Meeting #140

Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #140

Date: Oct 19th 2023

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  1. Andras, Ezinne, Mike D, Attila, Caolán, Darshan, Hub, Szymon, Timur, Skyler, Pedro, Bayram, Gülşah, Cosmin

Document split

  1. Horrible problem with shared links … Pedro in a different document:

    1. steps: duplicate blank document in Nextcloud, rename it, edit it, share an (editable) link to it

      1. other people enter a different document with the shared …
    2. Ticket: on online side and on richdocuments side

      1. Fixed with and backported to stable27

        1. Richdocumetns released:

        2. Works on staging perf

Release schedule

  1. CODE 23.05.5 released scheduled for this week (week 43)

    1. Crash on start in the previous call …

    2. Ezinne → is working through the test matrix.

      1. Not seeing any crashes so far. vs. repos:staging.

      2. Login as two users – keep them logged in with selections.

      3. Ezinne file some tickets

  2. Mobile releases

    1. CODE 23.05.05 Android/iOS Beta/Testflight to be released to test flight and play store beta channel after the respective reviews this week

Online activity

  • Bugs caught during this meeting

    • Hyperlink preview glitching (keeps flickering). Check the web console, we keep receiving the same postmessage over and over

      • Issue:
  • Attila

    • Working on redlines (= tracked changes)

      • accept/reject PR is merged (

      • implemented odt import/export for move redlines. and docx import.
        PR (move) is close to be merged (
        There can be regressions about move redlines with old files… and may some more.

      • Next, I will work on format redline related to insertion/deletion redline.

      • checked ‘manage changes’ dialog, was able to display icons. Not sure if we need expanders (treeList) or a simple list will be enough.

    • Navigator problem related with different users using different UI language → causing Navigator to glitch (flicker)

      • still not investigated

      • Szymon: Navigator works the same way as the normal sidebar and that doesn’t happen with normal sidebar so… probably there is a core problem related solely with Navigator.

  • PRs without reviewer 2, now down to 1

  • Szymon


      • Fix video playback when using richdocuments
    • Now working on Calc scrolling issues (desktop view)

      • Fixed after reverting some core commits

      • Fixed also one of the Calc’s crash

    • Fixed some errors from postMessages that were arriving too early

      • Also added logs to web browser’s console
  • Darshan

  • Michael / Caolan – Performance

  • Testing results:

    • Dark mode now working nicely.

    • Found some good problems from calc:

      •           []( – getTextSelection
        • may be a red-herring.
    • Presentation starting – accelerated this (Timur)

      • progress bar ticket is filed.
  • Bayram

    • working on Calc:

      • Insert sheet before/after, delete, rename, show/hide sheet works fine.

      • Move Sheet Left/Right seem working fine for inactive sheets

      • Michael: (for the future/next) it might be worth to look at other things that we use in the core side, such as protect sheet tabs etc. It might be useful to have it on online side also.

  • Skyler

    • Working on STYLEREF

      • Merged first gerrit change and followup which fixes a few bugs and adds tests!

        • Crash bug is fixed

        • ODF import causing vanishing STYLEREF fields is fixed

        • Need another followup to add some more tests & implement the last few features

        • Need to forward-port to master, there’s already a gerrit change for this

          • Gerrit change passes core CI, which has some extra tests so that’s good
      • Still TODO

    • iPhone arrived!!

      • Tested RTL black tile bug, confirmed it’s definitely iOS related rather than tablet related

      • Scrolling the wrong way bug is probably javascript (Michael)

        • Going to make it an easy hack
  • Timur

    • Ctrl+C, Ctrl+Z, CTRL+V sometimes doesn’t work on Calc with multiple users – still NOK

    • Calc Crash on column delete and insert– still in progress

    • Firefox bugs still open, some activity

    • non repro: on Windows copy from desktop Office 365 does not paste to Online?

    • this document does not go into Dark mode? (Calc OK)

      • Writer when multiple users are present: changing the dark mode back forward retains the page’s color at the first and just after re-toggling, eventually, the mode gets corrected for the document’s page

      • Back to light mode. Proding the light/dark eventually gets back to light mode properly:

  • Mike D

  • Gökay

    • Dictionary tool bug.

      • It shows the red lines in wrong places.

        • Have a fix but needs some more work.

        • Will turn back to this after column selections bug.

    • Column selections – Calc:

      • When a user selects a column and other user deletes one column at the left of the first user’s selected column, it crashes. Same for additions.

        • Fixed the first thing but there is more there.

          • Current code doesn’t take multiple deletions into account. Also there may be multiple additions when multiple columns are pasted at the left of the selected columns.
  • Hubert

    • Integration with Seafile.

    • Next: framed.doc.html where we have the SDK example after doing the make run

  • Gulsah

    • Now on: Calc: Right-click on row header automatically inserts row (75% browser zoom)

      • Reproducible, now trying understand the contextmenu control and where to manage the mousebutton events → prevent the mousebuttonup event

      • There is another bug (CSS) contextmenu position

    • In the backburner: Add additional coolwsd.xml option that allows admin to disable overwrite feature (so users do not trigger that mode by mistake)

Forum (Mike D)

Answered 10 forum posts.

Key topics:

18 → 8 - zero replies in user support:

36 → 37 - zero replies in installation and config:

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