Configure Grafana with cool/getMetrics

I was looking to export data from cool/geTMetrics into my Grafana server.
Do you have a procedure to configure this?
I tried to put
but my grafana does not interpret it as source prometheus.
Thank you

We have no experience with Grafana. Can you check the raw output of getMetrics to see what it looks like?

I am using the default output of

I thought I could add it as a source prometheus in my Grafana monitor, I also saw that there was a Collabora dashboard in the Grafana library
(Libreoffice Collabora dashboard for Grafana | Grafana Labs)
But on the Grafana side, I cannot add this server to retrieve the information.
Has anyone ever used this information for monitoring?

Grafana can’t directly consume /metrics endpoint. usually Prometheus consumes /metrics first and Grafana plot the data from Prometheus data source…

On our instance, we collect metrics using telegraf installed on the same server, with the Prometheus input plugin.

We just ignore doc_* fields, to avoid bloating our metrics database. And we use the metric_version=2 because it seems nicer.

Telegraf send metrics to our InfluxDB database.

Grafana query them and display the required metrics we need.