Status monitoring

Hello, I would like to monitoring the service downtimes. As of now my monitoring service will try to connect to every 60 seconds.

Is there any better url I should try to ping to check the service status?

Thank you!

That’s a great file to fetch, very fast for the server to serve. Failing that - you could probably very easily add an ‘uptime’ metric to our Prometheus metrics - that might be useful for other people:

Somewhere here would make sense:

if you’re up for a quick patch =)

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Hello @mmeeks thanks for your reply. I would like to avoid any customization to the code nor I am using Prometeus.
As example, Matrix-Syanpse publish an /health page which returns a 200 - OK and doesn’t get logged by default.

It would be really nice to have something similar on CollaboraOnline.

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So - please do file a github ‘feature’ / enhancement ticket for that - it should be an easy hack; very easy to add that - well within the scope of a new developer - it should be a couple of lines of code I think :slight_smile: a great, non-urgent task for a newbie.

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