Connection to Collabora lost after a few minutes, various error messages

Running Nextcloud 22.2.3 and Collabora CODE on docker.

Every time I load and edit a file, everything works fine for a few minutes, and then suddenly I can’t save anymore with the error message: “Document cannot be saved. Check your permissions or contact the storage server administrator.”

I would maybe suspect permission issues, but what’s weird is that things always work perfectly for the first few minutes.

Checking the logs of the container in Portainer, I see the following:

[ docbroker_002] ERR Unexpected response to WOPI::PutFile. Cannot upload file to WOPI storage uri [https://nextcloud.example.tld/index.php/apps/richdocuments/wopi/files/21466915_oczct4w6owiu?access_token=XXX&access_token_ttl=0]: 500 Internal Server Error: []| wsd/Storage.cpp:1475

[ docbroker_002] ERR Failed to upload docKey [/index.php/apps/richdocuments/wopi/files/21466915_oczct4w6owiu] to URI [https://nextcloud.example.tld/index.php/apps/richdocuments/wopi/files/21466915_oczct4w6owiu?access_token=XXX&access_token_ttl=0]. Notifying client.| wsd/DocumentBroker.cpp:1605

Any help or pointers would be very appreciated. I’ve spent quite some time setting this entire system up and this seems like (hopefully) the last roadblock before Nextcloud/Collabora can become a production system

Thanks @collahund for reporting it. And in your experience, does that happen while multiple users or sessions are editing the same file or also when one single instance is editing the file? (just trying to understand if it has anything to do with document overwrite)

Thanks for getting back to me!

It’s just one session, one single instance editing the file. I haven’t rolled out access yet to others, because of this issue.

Hey @pedro.silva could you think of something that could point me in the right direction?

For anybody running into this problem in the future: this seems to have been caused by Firefox’ built-in Enhanced Tracking Protection and also Brave’s Shield. I had turned off all extensions (of which I have a few) in both browsers on two computers. But it may have happened that I forgot about the built-in solutions. I am not sure, since in the meantime, I have upgraded to Nextcloud 23.0.1 and Collabora, which seems to generally provide a smoother experience, and also I have moved on the the production system URL, so I had to re-disable all extensions and cannot be sure about the test environment URL anymore.

More generally speaking, however, if this really is related to built-in solutions of various browsers, then somebody should look into it.

tl;dr: try disabling all tracking protection (built-in and extensions), adblockers, etc.

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@collahund thanks for reporting back! : ) I’m glad now the experience is smother : )

You are right, we should look into that. I will try to ping someone or take a look at it myself. (maybe at the end is something trivial around CSP)

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