Cannot connect to Collabora in Nextcloud

Hi there,

I’m trying to setup Collabora with Nextcloud. I think I’m nearly there but the last step is not working. I cannot link to Collabora in the Nextcloud app.

What does work:

  • Nextcloud is accesable via
  • I can login to Nextcloud and use it without known limitation but the Collabora app.
  • On the host with Collabora I get OK when I do curl -k https://localhost:9980
  • When I go to (I think) I get a good result ie
<net-zone name="external-http">
<!--  Writer documents  -->
<app favIconUrl="" name="writer">
<action default="true" ext="sxw" name="view" urlsrc=""/>
<action default="true" ext="odt" name="edit" urlsrc=""/>
<action default="true" ext="fodt" name="edit" urlsrc=""/>
<!--  Text template documents  -->
<action default="true" ext="stw" name="view" urlsrc=""/>
<action default="true" ext="ott" name="edit" urlsrc=""/>
<!--  MS Word  -->
<action default="true" ext="doc" name="edit" urlsrc=""/>
<action default="true" ext="dot" name="edit" urlsrc=""/>
<!--  OOXML wordprocessing  -->
<action default="true" ext="docx" name="edit" urlsrc=""/>
<action default="true" ext="docm" name="edit" urlsrc=""/>
<action default="true" ext="dotx" name="view" urlsrc=""/>
<action default="true" ext="dotm" name="view" urlsrc=""/>
  • When I go to I get a result
  • Also works and I can login to the admin console.

But when I enter the URL in the Collabora app in Nextcloud, I have no connection.


Can someone tell me what part of the connection is not working? In the Collabora docker container I see nothing appearing in the logs when try to save the URL in Nextcloud. So it seems there is absolutly no connection between the two.

More details about the setup:

Front-end system with Reverse proxy and Let’s Encrypt TLS.
Back-end system with Reverse Proxy, Nextcloud and Collabora in docker contrainers.

Nevermind, I have managed to get it to work. The host with Collabora (and Nextcloud) was not resolving the Nextcloud FQDN to the correct IP. It was resolving the localhost instead of the reverse proxy on my front-end.

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Can you explain how? Thank you!

Same problem here … Everything works, but I can’t connect to Nextcloud. I think I have the same problem but where do I have to adjust the FQDN?