Docker image and number documents limit?

Is there still a limitation on the number of documents opened or users connected with the code docker image?

There is no limit, however you should be aware this is a development edition with the latest greatest features, and sometimes the latest bugs too :slight_smile: It is strongly recommended that if you deploy CODE at any scale that you contribute back to the project by getting support.

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Great, thank you very much for your prompt answer.

a teacher informed me of a document problem with several students on Moodle. Students see the connected user pictograms on the document, but not all of them see the same ones or the same versions even though they are connected at the same time.

i’m using version, If you ever have an idea… ?

according to my supervision it sometimes happens that the memory is completely used (2Gb) is there a system recommendation ?

thank you

You can get splits if you use multiple CODE instances and send users to different instances rather than routing them all nicely based on WOPSRC through whatever proxy you have to the same host. Of course - having enough memory is a good idea too :slight_smile: what does the Admin console say ?

sometimes i have some peaks to 1.9GB
i’m using code with kubernetes, i tried to add a wopisrc rule to nginx but it does not work, but i will retry.
thank you

I opened a document currently being used by students and this is the message I got
the file was modified on storage, what do you want to do with the unsaved changes?

Is this normal behavior? thank you

Hello, I am also using Kubernetes and after having several problems opening documents simultaneously, I ended up finding it by creating an ingress.yaml with this:

kind: Ingress
   notes: nginx TLSv1.2 TLSv1.3 "$arg_WOPISrc"
# persistent
# "true"
# "3600"
# "3600"
   name: ingress
   namespace: libreoffice
   - host: ""
       - backend:
             name: libreoffice
               number: 9980
         pathType: Prefix
     - hosts:
       secretName: cert-ed

If that helps you.