Nextcloud collabora ofice scaling?

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I wanted to ask if there is any limit on users or documents when using Collabora Office on Nextcloud. Thank you.

Is there documentation supporting the full functionality with CODE? Would this mean that turning on CODE within the Nextcloud installation will only have a limitation of system resource?

Nextcloud built-in CODE is a beast of it’s own but generally speaking this is how I get the statement above - there is no limits inside of the software.


Hallelujah! Just came here from a disappointed 7-year-old thread on Nextcloud forums about the 10 user/20 doc limit on the CODE, and couldn’t believe my eyes to see that it has been removed. Massive props to Collabora for doing that; with most companies this sort of thing seems to either never change or only get more restrictive with the passage of time.

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Hey @microbearsmb, welcome to the forum + thanks for the input. :slight_smile:

Yep. No limits on CODE. But…

If you’re a business with many (20+) users, it’s recommended to get in contact with Sales.

See my post from a few months ago:

For a small per-user per-year price, you’ll get:

  • LTS (Long-term Support)
  • Security Updates
  • (+ customization/branding specifically for your business)

plus it helps Collabora add and maintain new features/updates, constantly making the software better/faster for everyone! :slight_smile: