File Properties?


With LibreOffice we’re using File Properties to setup some fields used in Writer docs, such as Title, Subject and other custom fields. Just follow File > Properties… and set values to predefined fields and/or add custom properties.

So far, I’ve not been able to find a way to edit these fields under CODE, is it because it’s just not implemented?

Hi, I still don’t despair of getting an answer…

Are we the only ones who use “document properties” among those who use CODE and visit this forum?

I found here some explanations about File Properties under CODE.

You can read “DocInformation fields contain information about the properties of a document, such as the date a document was created. To view the properties of a document, choose File - Properties.”

You would think it’s in CODE, but there’s no File > Properties in there! File > Properties… can be found under LO-Writer.

Then, the online help says: “To access this command
Choose Insert - Field - More Fields - DocInformation tab”

Yes, provided you filled up something, say Title, under LO-Writer, you’re then able to insert the Title field under CODE.
But what are you supposed to do to modify this Title field under CODE?

So far I found no way to do this, but it is precisely the purpose of these fields to be editable and automatically reflected wherever they are inserted in the document…

I’m to the point that I think it’s just not implemented and therefore missing in CODE.

Just open a ticket here : Can't edit file properties · Issue #1951 · CollaboraOnline/online · GitHub