Getting This Error!

Hello Friends,

I just now download Collabora Online on my Windows computer. But Strange during working on this, suddenly my computer got restarted and showing this error "Scanning and repairing drive (C:).

Still it’s showing on my computer screen. Then I quickly searched online to find the related community where I may share this issue and got this forum page. Now I am creating this topic from my son’s Laptop. So can anybody help me to solve the issue? I did not encounter such kind of problem before? This is the first time that I am getting this error. Please help me

Welcome to the forum @ArturoMante!

Oh so sorry to hear that. It seems strange and probably unrelated to Collabora Online and most probably related with either Win scheduling tasks or with some disk problems. Nevertheless I would like to try to help you here:

  • Could you confirm we are talking about Collabora Online and not Collabora Office?
  • Could you please paste here from where you downloaded the executable?