Office document corrupted after saving. Ideas?

Hi, I would like to introduce myself to this forum, I am a support guy taking care of customer success in an application that uses Collabora in some edge cases (edit office documents, if ppl dont have MSO, sometimes also to display spreadsheets)

Collabora has always worked extremely well (once set up correctly), efficiently and reliably, so I’m a big proponent of the product and I would like to see users adopt it more. Also seeing this community and the strong activity in this forum is excellent.

Recently I had this weird case where a customer reported a file has been broken after saving with Collabora. The file (docx) doesnt even look like a zip anymore so its completely useless, unix “file” id’s it as “data”, zip cant open it, it is slightly larger than the orginal (10K more). If I open the file with LibreOffice locally, it displays garbage symbols and the software crashes.

It is not reproducible to my knowledge, but I have seen this once before, during some testing of COOL manally, so this would make it the second time in total it happened. Unfortunately in both cases I don’t have logs anymore, so I just want to ask if maybe any of you have seen this kind of corruption before. I dont want to waste anybody’s time on this, as it could very well be a problem with our own deployment.


Hi, here are a few questions:
What version of Collabora Online is it?
Is it the development edition or the subscription one?
Was it the same version for both of the crashes? Can you provide anything notable about the document?
How it was being used? (such as single-user or multi-user)
Size of docx?
System configuration?
Can the user recall what they were doing just before it crashed? (i.e. some help for being able to reproduce)
If there is a next time, I imagine logs and the document could be useful to someone, just don’t upload them to a public place if confidential.