Hiding UNO elements

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I wonder anyone can please help me with a technical issue. I want to be able to hide some elements from certain menus. For example one of things I want to hide is the Format > Theme… Option.

However, rather than a simple id being on the element in this case it’s like so: {uno: ‘.uno:ThemeDialog’}.

As I’m using the post API to send an array of ids and I have a custom function that takes that array in, I can successfully hide elements that have a normal id on them. How would I please hide any element that is an UNO element (ideally by using the id of the element)?

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The Hide_Command post message works with UNO commands. It is used like Hide_Menu_Item, but takes a uno command instead. You can hide “Theme” from the menus or notebook bar with the Hide_Command and id set to .uno:ThemeDialog. It should hide menu, toolbar buttons and notebook bar buttons. Not all items have an associated UNO command though.


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Hi Hub, that worked a treat thank you

Sorry there is something further I please need to check. Where you have a dialog that is opened via an uno command, how do you then hide an element on that dialog? So for example there’s:


In the tools menu that then has an ‘opitions’ button. How would I hide that?

There currently no mechanism to disable part of a UI dialog at runtime.

Sorry about that.

But of course we’re really interested to know what features you want to hide. For example on-line help is something many people want to hide, so there is a setting for that; but is there some specific feature you don’t want to see ?

Hi thanks for the reply, actually we would please like to know if the external help link can be configured to be changed?
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